In June 2004, at a Washington D.C. gala ceremony, Music Games International has been honored with AEP's Distinguished Achievement Award.

Teacher Raves 2004 "Our teacher-reviewers pick the latest and greatest in educational materials"

"This is truly a terrific music program for everyone!" notes Teaching K-8 Magazine in awarding the Magic Flute Music Game with its Blue Ribbon/Editor's Choice Award.

MGI's Nutcracker and Magic Flute Games have received two prestigious Gold Awards from the Parents' Choice Foundation for two consecutive years. In its reviews of the games the Parents' Choice called the Nutcracker "entertainment that's fun and filled with educational value" and the Magic Flute "charming...enchanting...exceptional...a splendid effort!".

Learning Magazine's annual Teachers' Choice Awards are a staple for recognizing a product's educational value. The winners are selected "after two levels of judging and a rigorous evaluation" by teacher judges who test the products in the classroom. MGI's Nutcracker is the 2004 winner of the Teachers' Choice Award for the Family.

In awarding the Nutcracker Music Game it's Award of Excellence, Discovery notes that"this CD-ROM works children's brains in fantastic ways!" "This is a decidedly unique software game with enormous educational value." "A wonderful gem!"

Boston's Museum of Science is one of the world's largest Science Museums with over 1.6 million visitors every year. MGI's Magic Flute is the winner of the first MoS "Top Choice" Software Awards Competition, and is currently installed at the Museum's Cahners ComputerPlace.

Dr. Toy's "Best Children's Products" lists are a nationally recognized resource for parents. Dr. Toy has selected MGI's Nutcracker Music Game for both the "10 Best Software" list and the "100 Best Children's Products" list, noting that the game "will inspire young

Children's Software Revue, as the world's leading authority in evaluating children's software, has honored the Magic Flute Game with its All Star Award and called it "the best children' s music game of the year."

In its review of the Magic Flute Game, Parenting noted that the CD-ROM offers "ingenious audio puzzles and delights eyes and ears. Gorgeous, watercolor-washed scenes and stellar sound quality makes parental participation a joy."
Software of the Year Award

MGI's Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons wins Parenting Magazine's 2004 "Mom Tested" Software of the Year Award. In honoring MGI with this prestigious award Parenting notes that Alice's "exquisite, storybook style animation and superb sound quality hook players and enliven the experience."

The NAPPA Award (National Parenting Publications Awards) is one of the most coveted distinctions in the children's publishing industry. MGI's Magic Flute was honored with the NAPPA Gold Award for being "clever and educational…brimming with originality and teeming with skill-building activities".

The Lion and Lamb Foundation publishes an annual list of 20 Best Toys. In selecting MGI's Magic Flute for this year's list L&L noted: "The graphics are as lush and beautiful as the music. A unique computer game for music lovers of all ages."

"What is so impressive about this CD-ROM is how much fun kids had while really putting their musical ears to the test."
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